19 | 05 | 2021
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Rhea is an independent Space Engineering Consulting and Software company that offers knowledge-based services and innovative solutions to the space industry. Rhea has supported over 37 space missions in the last 15 years, including comet chasers, planetary and Moon missions, deep space astronomy experiments to understand the fundamental laws of physics, climate monitoring, meteorology, navigation and communications. The group’s technical knowledge base, together with the practical experience of its engineers gained through the most demanding projects, ensure that Rhea can provide on demand the highest level of expertise required by our customers, such as ESA, Eumetsat, EADS Astrium, Thales Alenia Space and others.

Rhea provides engineering solutions in spacecraft Assembly Integration and Test (AIT), spacecraft and payload operations, ground segment definition, on board software development, system engineering, mission analysis and radiation analysis. Rhea has extensive experience in providing engineering support to astrophysics missions, such as XMM, Planck and Herschel.

In the area of space weather and environment Rhea’s competencies are in the following areas:

  • Radiation Effects Analysis
  • Space Radiation Environment Tools
  • Scientific Analysis of Particle Radiation Models

Rhea offers MOIS solutions for spacecraft operations, spacecraft testing and requirements verification and development of On Board Control Procedures (OBCP). MOIS is an integrated software tool for spacecraft and ground segment testing and operations. MOIS allows manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic execution of the commands to the spacecraft or ground segments and the easy creation, modification and monitoring of flight and ground procedures.
Rhea is the market leader for MOIS solutions and procedure management systems. Rhea has successfully brought together engineers and scientists from 13 nationalities to support its clients across seven European countries, Canada and the USA.