19 | 05 | 2021
Network Schools and Conferences PDF Print E-mail

The network will be organizing a total of four summer schools and conferences on subjects related to black hole astrophysics. These events are the following:

  1. The 1st Summer School on Multiwavelength Astronomy, which will take place from 2009 June 29 through July 10 in Paris, organized by CEA Saclay
  2. The 2nd Summer School on Multiwavelength Astronomy will take place in 28 June - 9 July 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and be organized by the University of Amsterdam
  3. Black Hole Variability 2010 workshop at the University of Southhampton
  4. A workshop on Black Hole Astrophysics was organized in Winchester in June 2011 by the University of Southampton 
  5. A final conference on Black Hole Universe 2012 will be taking place in Bamberg, Germany, in June 2012