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Istanbul 2010 Collaboration Meeting: Meeting Program PDF Print E-mail
  22 September 2010, Wednesday   
 coffee and welcome09:30-10:00
 Dr. Teo Munoz Darias10:00-10:40 States and state transitions in black holes
 Elise Egron10:40-11:20 Spectroscopy of the stellar wind in the Cygnus X-1 system
 David Cseh11:20-12:00 Radio nebulae associated with ULX. Featuring: NGC 5408 X-1 and IC 342 X-1
 Pablo Casatella12:00-12:40 Time lags from reflection in black hole binaries"
 lunch break12:40-14:30  
 Ivica Miskovicova14:30-15:10 Spectroscopy of the stellar wind in the Cygnus X-1 system
 Refiz Duro15:10-15:50 Broad iron K_alpha line feature as seen by XMM-Newton in Modified Timing Mode
 Yi-Jung Yang15:50-16:30 Multi-Mission and Wavelength Studies of Compact Binary System
 coffee break16:30-17:00  
 Meeting with external members17:00-17:45  
 Sabanci Museum and Dinner18:00-23:00  
 23 September 2010, Thursday   
 Dr. Holger Stiele09:00-09:40 Spectral Investigations of the Black Hole X-ray Binary XTE J1752-223
 Yoon Young Chun09:40-10:30 A study on jet formation and its disk connection via multi-wavelength observations
 Tao Chen10:30-11:10 Power Density Spectra in Accreting Black Holes (BH) & Detection the Mass of BH
 coffee break11:10-11:30  
 Pieter van Oers11:30-12:10 Black Hole Grand Unification: Modelling and measuring SEDs from microquasars to quasars
 Salome Dibi-Rousselle12:10-12:50 Constraining jet physics and formation
 lunch break12:50-14:30  
 Project group discussions14:30-18:00  
 24 September 2010, Friday   
board meeting
09:00-13:00 Coffee will be available