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The agenda of the midterm meeting on 12 November 2010 is as follows:

09:00 00:10
IntroductionJörn Wilms, Gianluca Coluccio
09:1000:30Tour de Table
  (intro of scientists in charge, 3' per host)
09:40 00:45
Coordinator's Report
Sera Markoff, Jörn Wilms
Coffee Break
Fellow's Reports (10 minutes each)  
   P1: Multiwavelength Studies of Low-Frequency Radio Transients
Yi-Jung Yang
  P2: Spectral Variability and Timing of X-ray Binaries, Pt. 1 Teo Munoz Darias
  P2: Spectral Variability and Timing of X-ray Binaries, Pt. 2
Holger Stiele
  P3: Power Density Spectra in Accreting Black Holes
Tao Chen
  P4: Spectral Comparison of Neutron Star X-ray Binaries to Black Hole X-ray Binaries
Elise Egron
  P5: Constraining Strong Gravity using Iron Line Features in Black Holes
Refiz Duro
  P6: Decoding Black Hole Variability
Pablo Cassatella
  P7: Feeding the Monster: Wind Accretion in Black Hole Binaries
Ivica Miskovicova
  P8: Constraining Black Hole Accretion Physics using Multiwavelength Observations
Yoon Young Chun
  P9: Bubble Nebulae of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
David Cseh
  P10: Constraining Jet Physics and Formation
Salome Dibi
  P11: Black Hole Grand Unification
Pieter van Oers
01:20 Lunch Break (Buffon Restaurant, entry on Rue Helene Brion) 
14:00 01:00
Discussion ESR/ERs with the Commission Representatives
Open Discussion
 End of Meeting