19 | 05 | 2021
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"Black hole astrophysics: tales of power and destruction" is a workshop aimed at bringing together the state of the art in theory and data-interpretation for astrophysical black holes through a wide-ranging series of review and contributed talks. The workshop is organised under the auspices of the EU-funded Initial Training Network "Black Hole Universe" and follows on from a highly successful series of summer schools focusing on multiwavelength data analysis techniques.  This time, our aim is to provide an overview of the latest understanding of all aspects of black hole astrophysics, primarily for the benefit of younger researchers (graduate student and postdoc) and others who are starting out in this exciting and rapidly developing field. In line with the theme of our network, we will cover all types of accreting astrophysical black holes, from X-ray binary systems through ULXs to AGN, with a particular emphasis on making connections across the mass and luminosity scales based on the common physics between them.

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 Important dates:

  • 9 March - 1st announcement and pre-registration opens
  • 3 April - Pre-registration ends
  • Week beginning 4 April - Pre-registered participants informed as to whether they can attend
  • 11 May - Scientific registration and abstract submission deadline
  • Week beginning 16 May - final programme announced
  • 30 June - registration payments required
  • 18-22 July - Workshop takes place





  • SOC: P. Uttley (chair), J. Wilms, S. Markoff, T. Belloni, L. Burderi, P. Cassatella, S. Corbel, T. Di Salvo, E. Kalemci, T. Maccarone, I. McHardy, J. Rodriguez, M. van der Klis, R. Wijnands
  • LOC (University of Southampton): P. Uttley (chair), P. Cassatella, A. Kapinska, P. van Oers, I. McHardy, T. Maccarone