19 | 05 | 2021
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The University of Southampton is pleased to host the workshop entitled "Black Hole Variability 2010" on 20th and 21st of May, 2010. The workshop is aimed at getting together PhD students who work in the field of timing analysis of black hole systems, in order to strengthen links between diverse science centres across the world, share knowledge and gain knowledge —through a series of lectures given by expert researchers in a specific field—, and ultimately improve and optimize the science output.

There will be four sessions across two days:

Day 1
-PSDs & states: observations
-PSDs & states: interpretation

Day 2
-Spectral timing & beyond the PSD
-Wider picture: Multiwavelength variability + BH unification

Sessions will be followed by an open discussion at the end of each day.

Lecturers include: T. Belloni (IT), P. Casella (UK), C. Done (UK), T. Maccarone (UK), I. McHardy (UK), M. Méndez (NL), T. Muñoz-Darías (IT), P. Uttley (UK), S. Vaughan (UK).

More detailed information about the workshop including the slides of the presentations can be found under  http://www.bhvariability2010.soton.ac.uk/