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Black Hole Universe 2012 - Bamberg, Germany, 18-22 June 2012


Black Hole Universe 2012 is the final conference of ITN 215212 "Black Hole Universe". The aim of this conference is to bring together theorists and observers interested in the science of supermassive and stellar-mass black holes.  The workshop follows a series of successful summer schools and the 2011 workshop on Black Hole Astrophysics in Winchester. Our aim is to provide an overview of the most important subjects in black hole astrophysics through a series of 40 minute long review talks and 20 minute long scientific talks. The conference is aimed towards both graduate students and young researchers, as well as astrophysicists working in the field. In line with the theme of our network, we will cover all types of accreting astrophysical black holes, from X-ray binary systems through ULXs to AGN, with a particular emphasis on making connections across the mass and luminosity scales based on the common physics between them.


Invited speakers include Tamara Bogdanovic, Laura Brenneman, Jason Dexter, Chris Fryer, Ryan Hickox, Jonathan McKinney, Joey Neilsen, Michael A. Nowak and Francesca Panessa. 

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SOC: T. Belloni, L. Burderi, S. Corbel, T. di Salvo, E. Kalmci, T. Maccarone, S. Markoff (co-chair), I. McHardy, J. Rodriguez, P. Uttley, R. Wijnands, J. Wilms (chair)

LOC: E. Day, R. Duro, V. Grinberg, I. Kreykenbohm, M. Kuehnel, S. Mueller, I. Miskovicova, J. Wilms  (chair).