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The 1st School on Multiwavelength Astronomy organized by the network will be held from 29 June 2009 until 10 July 2009 in Paris, France.

 Scientific rationale

Our current understanding of accretion onto black holes and neutrons stars has greatly evolved in the past 20 years, thanks in large part to the large amount of scientific data available at all wavelengths.

In the high energy range (X- and gamma-ray) these advanced have been made possible by satellites such as XMM-Newton, Chandra, INTEGRAL, RXTE, Swift, and Suzaku, while new missions, like the Fermi Gamma-Ray Observatory, promise new discoveries.  The same is true for radio astronomy with many discoveries from the existing world-leading radio-astronomical observatories such the ATCA, the VLA, the VLBA, the EVN, and MERLIN, with a range of major planned upgrades to these facilities, plus additional facilities planned and under construction.

Clearly, given these developments, the need for more researchers to exploit the enormous volume of available and upcoming scientific data, both by analyzing these data and interpreting them, is pressing.  In this context, we announce an international summer school to provide young researchers the necessary expertise/skill to independently conduct data-analysis relating to high energies and radio astrophysics.

The school will focus on X-ray/Gamma-ray and radio data analysis, with one week for each topic. The program will cover a mixture of practical hands-on data analysis sessions (using, for example, AIPS, Miriad, HEADAS, CIAO and XMM-SAS), and will also include some science talks and complementary skills training.  Priority will be given to hands-on sessions of data-analysis.

Expected lecturers include: K. Blundell (UK), G. Hermann (D), C. Lang (USA), F. Lebrun (F),  F. Longo (I), J.C. Lee (USA), C. Motch (F.), M.A. Nowak (USA),  Z. Paragi (NL), E. Ros (D/E), A. Siemiginowska (USA), M. van der Klis (NL).

The audience targeted by the school is primarily PhD students, and possibly post-docs.  We have chosen a 2-week duration to allow a wide coverage of the scientific topics, as well as ample time for discussions and practice.

Here is a link to the registration.


SOC:  T. Belloni (Italy), K. Blundell (UK), A. Celotti (Italy), S. Corbel (Chair, France), E. Kalemci (Turkey), J. Lee (USA),  J. McEnery (USA), S. Markoff (Netherlands),  J. Rodriguez (France), P. Uttley (UK), J. Wilms (Germany)

LOC:  P. Chavegrand (secretary), S. Corbel (Chair), M. Coriat, E. Koerding, L. Prat., J. Rodriguez